Drinks Menu

Non Alcoholic Drinks__Water__ Free
Fresh spring water from the Shroud itself.
__Mun-tuy Tonic__ 7 Gil
A rich, creamy drink made from Mun-tuy beans, served as a substitute for milk.
Milk 8 Gil
Fresh sheep milk, imported to the Shroud. Can be served cold for a refreshing beverage or hot for a soothing sleep aid.
Milkshake 10 Gil
A sweet treat made from fresh, ice cold milk. Frothy and light.
Available: Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate or Cherry
__Chi’s Cocoa__ 10 Gil
A rich chocolate beverage prepared using water (for a lighter drink) or mun-tuy tonic or milk (for a richer, creamier drink)
__Tea__ 10 Gil
A piping hot tea made from Shroud Spring Water. Available in a variety of flavours. Can be served on its own or with lemon,honey, milk or mun-tuy tonic.
Available: Black, Green, Mint, Lemon, Ginger or Berry
__Coffee__ 12 Gil
A rich coffee made from Shroud grown beans. Can be served on its own or with cream, milk or mun-tuy tonic.
__Fruit Juice__ 10 Gil
A variety of juices made from fresh fruits found around the Shroud. Can be served either cold or warmed.
Available: Apple, Pear, Cherry, Grape, Blackcurrant, Rolanberry, Orange and Raspberry
Alcoholic Drinks__Wine__ 15/50 Gil
Served either by the glass or by the bottle (4 glasses). Available in either red or white. Made from wild grapes grown in and around the Shroud.
__Ale__ 20/70 Gil
Locally brewed pale ale served by the pint or pitcher (4 pints). A slightly sweet brew, best served cold.
__Cider__ 15/50 Gil
Crisp and refreshing with a light fizz. Pear or Apple cider served by the pint or pitcher (4 pints). Can be mixed with a fresh fruit juice for a flavour explosion.
__Shroud Mead__ 15/50 Gil
A deep rich honey wine, not overly sweet. Served by the glass or by the bottle (4 glasses). Glasses of mulled mead are available (served warm and spiced) on request.
__Whisky__ 20 Gil
A standard measure of locally distilled whisky, served on it’s own or with a measure of spring water.
__Lominsan Rum__ 25 Gil
Imported from La Noscea and available in a White Rum or a Dark Rum. Can be mixed with fruit juices for a refreshing drink.
__Gridanian Gin__ 22 Gil
An aromatic brew made from juniper berries grown in the Shroud. Can be mixed with fruit juices for a refreshing drink.
__Twelveswood Vodka__ 22 Gil
A clear spirit distilled from popotos grown locally. Can be mixed with fruit juices for a refreshing drink.
__Fruit Liqueurs__ 22 Gil
Made from the fermentation of fruit juices. Available in a choice of flavours.
Available: Apple, Pear, Cherry, Grape, Blackcurrant, Peach, Rolanberry, Orange and Raspberry
__Mun-tuy Brew__ 20 Gil
A creamy liqueur made from fermented mun-tuy beans, sweetened with a hint of vanilla or a spoonful of cocoa powder at your request.
__Wolfblood Tonic__ 25 Gil
A tonic brewed by the Miqo’te of the Wolfblood Tribe using a variety of herbs found wild in the forests of the Shroud. A punchy drink with a high alcohol content used to pep up hunters after a hard day on the trail.
25 Gil a glass or 85 Gil a jug (4 glasses)
Sex in the Shroud
A zesty and refreshing cocktail with a kick
Vodka, Rolanberry Juice, Peach Liqueur and Orange Juice.
A fresh and tangy cocktail, perfect reminder of those days on the beach.
Limsan White Rum, Lime Juice Mint and Mineral Water with a touch of sugar.
A fruity little drink made with the fruit of your choice.
Limsan Rum, Fruit Puree and Crushed Ice.
Mint Julep
A cool, refreshing drink. Ideal for summer.
Whisky, Mint and Sugar Syrup over ice

The Hunter's Pantry
Food Menu

__Snacks__ 10 Gil per serving
Antelope Jerky
Gigantoad Jerky
Raptor Nuggets
Crispy Fried Ziz Skin
Dry Roast Hoverflies
__Starters____Mushroom saute__ 10 gil
Wild Mushrooms sourced from the Twelveswood and lightly sauteed with a mix of herbs and spices.
__Shroud Skewers__ 15 gil
A mixture of Dodo meat, wild mushrooms and fresh tomato, skewered and grilled
__Devilled eggs__ 10 gil
Spicy egg dish. Hard boiled egg whites stuffed with a creamy spiced mix made from the yolk.
__Mutton Stew__ 15 gil
A hearty stew made from braised mutton and home grown root vegetables in a rich gravy
__Alligator salad__ 10 gil
A cold salad made of fresh alligator pears, an assortment of home grown vegetables and a sharp, tangy cheese
__Mains____Braised pipira__ 45 gil
A delicious fish dish. Freshly caught pipira, lightly braised and served with a selection of wild Shroud mushrooms.
__Tomato pie__ 30 gil
Fresh homegrown vine tomatoes roasted with a selection of fresh herbs and served in a light, flaky pastry crust
__Grilled dodo__ 60 gil
Grilled breast or thigh of Dodo served with mashed popotoes and home grown vegetables
__Antelope steak__ 70/80/90 gil
Ribeye/Sirloin/Fillet of Shroud Antelope cooked as requested (Rare to Well Done) served with home grown vegetables
__Salmon meuniere__ 60 gil
Fillet of fresh caught salmon breaded with flour and fried in rich butter and savory spices served with roast popotoes and home grown vegetables
__Eft steak__ 55 gil
A thick cut steak of Eft, pan seared and served with home grown vegetables
__Shepherd's pie__ 45 gil
Finely minced meat in a hearty gravy topped with creamy mashed popotoes and baked until golden
__Chicken and mushrooms__ 40 gil
Breast or thigh of chicken, pan-fried in butter and seasoned served up with a saute of wild Shroud mushrooms
__Ratatouille__ 50 gil
A selection of home grown vegetables sauteed in lavender oil
__Desserts____Apple tart__ 20 gil
__Rolanberry tart__ 20 gil
__Lemon cake__ 18 gil
__Cherry pie__ 18 gil
__Apple and blackberry crumble__ 20 gil
(All desserts served with cream unless asked otherwise)
__A selection of Baked Goods available by request__