Drinks Menu

Non Alcoholic DrinksWater 5 Gil
Fresh spring water from the Shroud itself.
Mun-tuy Tonic 7 Gil
A rich, creamy drink made from Mun-tuy beans, served as a substitute for milk.
Milk 8 Gil
Fresh sheep milk, imported to the Shroud. Can be served cold for a refreshing beverage or hot for a soothing sleep aid.
Milkshake 10 Gil
A sweet treat made from fresh, ice cold milk. Frothy and light.
Available: Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate or Cherry
Chi’s Cocoa 10 Gil
A rich chocolate beverage prepared using water (for a lighter drink) or mun-tuy tonic or milk (for a richer, creamier drink)
Tea 10 Gil
A piping hot tea made from Shroud Spring Water. Available in a variety of flavours. Can be served on its own or with lemon,honey, milk or mun-tuy tonic.
Available: Black, Green, Mint, Lemon, Ginger or Berry
Coffee 12 Gil
A rich coffee made from Shroud grown beans. Can be served on its own or with cream, milk or mun-tuy tonic.
Fruit Juice 10 Gil
A variety of juices made from fresh fruits found around the Shroud. Can be served either cold or warmed.
Available: Apple, Pear, Cherry, Grape, Blackcurrant, Rolanberry, Orange and Raspberry
Alcoholic DrinksWine 15/50 Gil
Served either by the glass or by the bottle (4 glasses). Available in either red or white. Made from wild grapes grown in and around the Shroud.
Ale 20/70 Gil
Locally brewed pale ale served by the pint or pitcher (4 pints). A slightly sweet brew, best served cold.
Cider 15/50 Gil
Crisp and refreshing with a light fizz. Pear or Apple cider served by the pint or pitcher (4 pints). Can be mixed with a fresh fruit juice for a flavour explosion.
Shroud Mead 15/50 Gil
A deep rich honey wine, not overly sweet. Served by the glass or by the bottle (4 glasses). Glasses of mulled mead are available (served warm and spiced) on request.
Whisky 20 Gil
A standard measure of locally distilled whisky, served on it’s own or with a measure of spring water.
Lominsan Rum 25 Gil
Imported from La Noscea and available in a White Rum or a Dark Rum. Can be mixed with fruit juices for a refreshing drink.
Gridanian Gin 22 Gil
An aromatic brew made from juniper berries grown in the Shroud. Can be mixed with fruit juices for a refreshing drink.
Twelveswood Vodka 22 Gil
A clear spirit distilled from popotos grown locally. Can be mixed with fruit juices for a refreshing drink.
Fruit Liqueurs 22 Gil
Made from the fermentation of fruit juices. Available in a choice of flavours.
Available: Apple, Pear, Cherry, Grape, Blackcurrant, Peach, Rolanberry, Orange and Raspberry
Mun-tuy Brew 20 Gil
A creamy liqueur made from fermented mun-tuy beans, sweetened with a hint of vanilla or a spoonful of cocoa powder at your request.
Wolfblood Tonic 25 Gil
A tonic brewed by the Miqo’te of the Wolfblood Tribe using a variety of herbs found wild in the forests of the Shroud. A punchy drink with a high alcohol content used to pep up hunters after a hard day on the trail.
25 Gil a glass or 85 Gil a jug (4 glasses)
Sex in the Shroud
A zesty and refreshing cocktail with a kick
Vodka, Rolanberry Juice, Peach Liqueur and Orange Juice.
A fresh and tangy cocktail, perfect reminder of those days on the beach.
Limsan White Rum, Lime Juice Mint and Mineral Water with a touch of sugar.
A fruity little drink made with the fruit of your choice.
Limsan Rum, Fruit Puree and Crushed Ice.
Mint Julep
A cool, refreshing drink. Ideal for summer.
Whisky, Mint and Sugar Syrup over ice

The Hunter's Pantry
Food Menu

Snacks 10 Gil per serving
Antelope Jerky
Gigantoad Jerky
Raptor Nuggets
Crispy Fried Ziz Skin
Dry Roast Hoverflies
StartersMushroom saute 10 gil
Wild Mushrooms sourced from the Twelveswood and lightly sauteed with a mix of herbs and spices.
Shroud Skewers 15 gil
A mixture of Dodo meat, wild mushrooms and fresh tomato, skewered and grilled
Devilled eggs 10 gil
Spicy egg dish. Hard boiled egg whites stuffed with a creamy spiced mix made from the yolk.
Mutton Stew 15 gil
A hearty stew made from braised mutton and home grown root vegetables in a rich gravy
Alligator salad 10 gil
A cold salad made of fresh alligator pears, an assortment of home grown vegetables and a sharp, tangy cheese
MainsBraised pipira 45 gil
A delicious fish dish. Freshly caught pipira, lightly braised and served with a selection of wild Shroud mushrooms.
Tomato pie 30 gil
Fresh homegrown vine tomatoes roasted with a selection of fresh herbs and served in a light, flaky pastry crust
Grilled dodo 60 gil
Grilled breast or thigh of Dodo served with mashed popotoes and home grown vegetables
Antelope steak 70/80/90 gil
Ribeye/Sirloin/Fillet of Shroud Antelope cooked as requested (Rare to Well Done) served with home grown vegetables
Salmon meuniere 60 gil
Fillet of fresh caught salmon breaded with flour and fried in rich butter and savory spices served with roast popotoes and home grown vegetables
Eft steak 55 gil
A thick cut steak of Eft, pan seared and served with home grown vegetables
Shepherd's pie 45 gil
Finely minced meat in a hearty gravy topped with creamy mashed popotoes and baked until golden
Chicken and mushrooms 40 gil
Breast or thigh of chicken, pan-fried in butter and seasoned served up with a saute of wild Shroud mushrooms
Ratatouille 50 gil
A selection of home grown vegetables sauteed in lavender oil
DessertsApple tart 20 gil
Rolanberry tart 20 gil
Lemon cake 18 gil
Cherry pie 18 gil
Apple and blackberry crumble 20 gil
(All desserts served with cream unless asked otherwise)
A selection of Baked Goods available by request